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Film catering

Your Food Truck Film Catering Expert


Variety and quality

Our food truck offers a wide range Range of dishes, from hearty main courses to with delicious snacks and refreshing drinks. Each The dish is prepared with high quality ingredients and is a feast for the senses


We adapt to your needs of your film project, be it in terms of location, the menu or special ones Nutritional Requirements. Your satisfaction is important first place.

Time and budget efficiency

We know that time and Money is precious on a film set. Our efficient Team ensures that the food is served on time and delivered within your budget.

Experience and professionalism

With years of Experience in the film industry, we specialize in Understand the needs of your crew and cast.
Our team is professional, reliable and always ready to take on the challenges of film catering place.


Unforgettable film sets begin with exquisite

At SirLunchalot we understand the unique requirements, that film productions bring with them. We are proud of you trustworthy partner for food truck film catering be. Our team of culinary experts doesn't just have that not only has the art of cooking been perfected, but also understands itdynamic and challenging environment of film sets. Why choose SirLunchalot for your film catering?

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If you are looking for film catering that will turn your film set into a transformed into a culinary experience, you are at SirLunchalot the correct address.

Let us know how we do this

Contact us to get a tailor-made offer for To get your project.To get your project. SirLunchalot - Your first choice for food truck film catering!

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